Mar 26, 2018

Terms and Conditional Statements

Terms and Conditional Statements

Sometimes, instead of reading lines and lines of content, or for those of you who are programmers, instead of reading lines and lines of code, we need the key points broken down for us. In this technology age, many of us find it easier to read information about a process or an event if the information itself is in a fancy graphic, bulleted out in an easy-to-read list, or some other creative outlet that allows us to skim through the important information. So for those of you who are still a little behind the curve about this year’s DrupalCamp Colorado, we’ve broken down those key points a little bit in a readable glossary of terms and a few conditional statements. Please enjoy and if you still have any questions, contact us today! DrupalCamp Colorado will be here before you know it!

DrupalCamp Colorado Terms

Meetup - Meetup can refer to two different things, the first of which is in reference to the Meetup application where user’s search for and RSVP to events in their area. DrupalCamp Colorado has our very own event page which can be found here. The second meaning of the term, “Meetup” could be in reference to the monthly community gatherings in the Denver and Colorado Springs area, often referred to as, “Drupal meetups”.

Drupical - Drupical is a website dedicated to showing you a list of all registered Drupal events around the world, even events registered through the group events page. With easy to use features to narrow down your search of the many worldwide Drupal events, you have no reason for missing out on the latest and greatest Drupal gathering.

DrupalCamp - DrupalCamp is a yearly, organized meetup of Drupal users, or anyone interested in Drupal, which is generally on a much larger scale than just the monthly Drupal meetups. DrupalCamp Colorado is August 3-5 and more information can be found on this website.

@drupalcolorado - This is our official Twitter handle. For up-to-date information on Drupal related events and news, follow us today!

#DCCO2018 - When you follow us on Twitter, be sure to use this hashtag whenever talking about DrupalCamp Colorado.

Featured Sponsors - Featured sponsors are people or businesses that contribute funds to an event. Without the many great DrupalCamp Colorado sponsors, there wouldn’t be a DrupalCamp Colorado.

Individual Sponsors - If you want to personally contribute to DrupalCamp Colorado, you can! A small contribution means that you will receive an official camp t-shirt, the day of DrupalCamp Colorado.

Volunteers - Volunteers are people or businesses that contribute their time and efforts, without pay, to make sure that an event or organization run efficiently and effectively. Like sponsors, without dedicated volunteers, there wouldn’t be a DrupalCamp Colorado. More information on volunteer opportunities and when those volunteer opportunities are needed can be found on our volunteer task list.

Keynote - A keynote speaker can often be considered the main attraction of an event. The keynote speaker rallies morale and gives a brief synopsis of an event. The keynote speaker for this year’s DrupalCamp Colorado is to be determined.

DrupalCamp Conditional Statements

IF:  you RSVP on our DrupalCamp Colorado Meetup page, THEN:  we will have an estimate of how many people to expect this year.

IF:  you perform a search on the Drupical website, THEN:  you will know when and where a lot of Drupal related events are being held, including DrupalCamp Colorado.

IF:  you follow us on Twitter, THEN:  you will be updated with all of the latest and greatest information on the Colorado Drupal community and DrupalCamp 2018.

IF:  you or a business you know sponsor DrupalCamp this year, THEN:  you will be rewarded with being advertised all over the event in August.

IF:  you volunteer at DrupalCamp Colorado this year, THEN:  you will be helping with a great cause to grow and strengthen our Drupal community.

IF:  you attend DrupalCamp Colorado, THEN:  you will learn invaluable information about Drupal and the community. You may even grow your network of connections!