Apr 09, 2018

Drupal Showers

Drupal Showers

Did you know that the word, “Drupal” is based on the Dutch word, “Druppel” which means drop? And in Colorado, we are all too familiar with the drops that pour from the sky during the spring months, but in terms of April showers and the amount of Drupal members pouring into Colorado Drupal related events and Drupal events around the world. In fact, next week is home to the largest Drupal-related event in North America:  DrupalCon. This week thousands of Drupal community members head to the Music City, Nashville, Tennessee, for a week of code sprint, sessions presented by community members and so much more!

Thank You To All Current Sponsors and Volunteers

As mentioned in previous posts and constantly on our Twitter feed, we cannot thank our volunteers and sponsors enough for helping to make DrupalCamp Colorado a possibility. The Drupal community here in Colorado is large and it’s thriving and we appreciate everything that you all do to make Colorado and Drupal what it is today.

Our current sponsors for this year’s DrupalCamp Colorado are as follows:

Platinum Sponsors Elevated Third Aten Design Group

Bronze Sponsors Softescu

Individual Sponsors Purchase an individual sponsorship and receive an official camp t-shirt on the day of DrupalCamp Colorad

Volunteer positions are still open and we always welcome willing volunteers to help out with DrupalCamp Colorado. Get in touch with one of our current volunteer’s or head over to our Volunteer page today to sign up!  Our current volunteer list is as follows:

Summit Organizer:  Volunteer needed! Training Organizer:  Volunteer needed! Director and Financial Organizer:  Matthew Saunders Venue and Sponsorship Organizer:  Jon Clark Project Manager and Volunteer Organizer:  Nick Switzer Financial Organizer and BuildaModule Training Organizer:  Gregg Marshall Training Organizer:  Volunteer needed! Web Team Organizer:  James Nettik Marketing Organizer:  Philip Stier Branding and Design Organizer:  Volunteer needed Day of and Registration Organizer:  Lauren Motl Session and Recording Organizer:  Brent Robbins Venue coordination support:  Justin Christofferson Web team:  Tanner Langley, Bjorn Breckenridge Branding and Design - 2018 Logo and Brand Guide:  Melissa DuFresne Branding and Design - Website design/wires:  Lauren Motl and Inbal Sella Sponsorship Outreach Support:  Nelson Harris Day Of - Power Strip and Extension Cord Provider:  Gregg Marshall Day Of - Coffee Coordination:  Volunteers needed! Day Of - Registration Desk Staff:  Philip Stier, Gurwinder Antal, volunteers needed! Training - BuildaModule Mentor:  Amanda Marshall

Registration Open Soon

What a great team of individuals and businesses helping to shape the Drupal community here in Colorado and helping to make DrupalCamp Colorado go off without a hitch. Speaking of which, DrupalCamp Colorado registration opens very soon! Keep your eyes open and check back on our website often, where you will be able to register yourself for DrupalCamp. Along with registration you will also be able to purchase an individual sponsorship to the event, which will get you an official camp t-shirt you can pick up at the registration table in August.

With everything Drupal related that is “dropping” like rain in April and throughout the rest of the summer, it may seem overwhelming. However, if you keep checking back on our website, and keep up-to-date on our Twitter feed and email newsletters, you’ll be able to keep everything in check. We look forward to seeing you out there and also seeing you at this year’s DrupalCamp Colorado.