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Recent News & Updates

Apr 09 2018

Drupal Showers

Did you know that the word, “Drupal” is based on the Dutch word, “Druppel” which means drop? And in Colorado, we are all too familiar with the drops that pour from the sky during the spring months, but in terms of April showers and the amount of Drupal members pouring into Colorado Drupal related events and Drupal events around the world. In fact, next week is home to the largest Drupal-related event in North America:  DrupalCon.

Mar 26 2018

Terms and Conditional Statements

Sometimes, instead of reading lines and lines of content, or for those of you who are programmers, instead of reading lines and lines of code, we need the key points broken down for us. In this technology age, many of us find it easier to read information about a process or an event if the information itself is in a fancy graphic, bulleted out in an easy-to-read list, or some other creative outlet that allows us to skim through the important information.

Mar 12 2018

Camps and Cons and Camps and Cons

As the snow begins to melt, the temperatures begin to rise and the plants return in full bloom, the events revolving around our great Drupal community become more and more prevalent! If you are wondering which camps are when and when DrupalCon is this year, we are here to help you out. There are many places all over the web that you can get more information on your favorite Drupal events, whether that is right here on our DrupalCamp Colorado website, Drupical or your favorite social media platforms.